About Us

About BCTV

Black Contemporary Television is design to lead the digital Black revolution against the degradation of our images in today's Mainstream media. The everyday reports of crime and poverty is leading the perpetuation of our culture's devaluation; even within ourselves. This an insult and an affront to a demographic that is spending over 1.1 trillion retail dollars annually in the U.S. alone. The CEO of Chrysler once said and I quote" African Americans may not be our primary targeted market but without them Chrysler would not have the successful come back and prosperity it enjoys today". There are an abundance of companies around the globe that depend on our spending habits to survive and prosper. In Dallas FT. Worth alone Black consumers are spending 3.9 Billion retail dollars. That makes them the 18th most prosperous economy in the world. So watch BCTV deliver the true essence of our brilliant global Black culture as we show the world why this is "About Us and ..Why It's About Time

WE have now eclipsed 3.23 million hits.

If you have a product or service then this is the place to promote it. Our media kit complete with price list is located on the broadcast site(www.bctv.tv). We have weathered the storm of haters, people that don't want our culture to shine and we are not talking about white people; they actually have, for the most part been supportive; what we have had our most difficult time with is the people that we have built this operation for; Black people.

We are currently developing a daily news report, inviting popular internet radio personalities to come on board and launching an over night music session shows for local artist to have a place for their videos, EPK kits and to sell their music digitally.

Sitcom's and dramas, have been the mainstay of our viewers attention and the foundation of our traffic, but we contend that the news will soon displace that. That is why the news is at the top of our developing programming strategies. Below is our current stat sheet. So contact us online here or on the website(www.bctv.tv) if you get the importance of what we are doing in our efforts to help you expand your business and marketing opportunities.